About Kaiden

 Hi, I'm Kaiden Foster! Years ago, I was told that once dog mushing gets in your blood, it's impossible to walk away from. It just takes a whiff, and you're addicted - No matter how many miles behind the sled you ride or how much poop you scoop. I suspect that's something my mother would have liked to know before she presented the idea of following the Iditarod as a school assignment back in 4th grade before the 2007 race. Oh well, you live and learn.

Fast forward 10 years, I graduated high-school early and spent the winter training yearlings at Seavey's Iditaride. I would have stuck around, but I was under the impression that high-school graduates are supposed to go college, get a job, get married, have kids... You know, the "American Dream?"

And so I bounced around for a few years, worked for several tech companies, skipped the college part, and found myself in Oregon. Long story short, I married my middle school crush.

In spring of 2021, my wife decided to move to Anchorage... and bring me along! Okay, fine, it was 100% my idea but she was cool with it. She says she likes snow?

Now, in my spare time, I'm running dogs with Nic Petit out at the Alaska Dogstead in Big Lake. This coming summer we plan to move out to Big Lake to get more training miles under my belt (3 hour round-trip from Anchorage is killer), help with tours, and start running qualifying races. I'd like to say there is a set-in-snow plan, but it's dog mushing. No guarantee I'll even make it to the starting line of races I intend to run (RE: Copper Basin 2022). Sometimes the race is the easy part.

Ideally, I'll run Iditarod qualifiers between 2022-24, and pray I'm blessed with a team to run the 2025 Iditarod if all goes well. Maybe I'll even convince my wife to run a race! Or not. Hours and hours in snow, wind, and freezing temps are more my thing:)

Regardless of how the dice fall, and when I ultimately run the Iditarod, all proceeds from shirt sales (and donations) will contribute to my training/racing fund.

Outside of dog mushing, I have a remote, 9-5 job and manage a couple short-term rental units. Always happy to meet for coffee and chat mushing, real estate, sponsorship opportunities, etc. Just let me know!